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Read top stories from your Twitter, Facebook and RSS feeds with your favorite read later application: Pocket or Readability.

Get started by connecting your social network account:

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 Simple to use

The easiest way to read top social stories:
  1. Connect your Twitter, Facebook or RSS feeds.
  2. Connect or create Readability/Pocket account.
  3. Enjoy top stories right on your reading list.

If you have any suggestions, insights or questions related to the service, just let us know.

 Something to read

We make sure that your reading list is always full of interesting stories. New top stories will be provided, as soon as your reading list starts to look empty.

Daily Social is available as a public beta at this moment - without any charges or costs.

 Full control

With Daily Social, you can decide, when and how many articles you want to receive. We won't spam your reading list.

Links from Daily Social are tagged as dailysocial for easy distinction and management.

 Your top news - in one place

You can connect Daily Social to your Facebook or Twitter status feeds, as well as to any RSS sources available. Google account can only be used for logging in.

Article links will be ranked and the best ones will be delivered right to your Pocket or Readability on any device you own.

Stories from Daily Social will contain only a set number of items - by default: 20, and only a specified number of articles will delivered to you per day - 30 by default. You can customize these number in Daily Social settings panel.

 Extract most important stories

Daily Social delivers only the best stories by ranking them using several criteria, including:

  • Social score - such as number of retweets, likes, followers, and so on.
  • bit.ly stats, which measure the number of clicks, shares and references.
  • Link or article properties itself.
  • Whether you have favorited or liked a post.

For example, you can just scan a list of tweets and mark most interesting as favorites - and they will appear right on your reading list, alongside other top stories.

  Read your news anywhere, anytime

Daily Social sends top stories directly to your favorite read later application - be it Pocket or Readability.
Both of these applications provide reading solutions for:

  • Desktops, laptops, netbooks, ultrabooks, mobile phones and tablets - with a web browser.
  • Apple iOS devices - iPad and iPhone - using dedicated reading application, available in App Store, free of charge.
  • Android devices - mobile phones, tablets, etc. - a dedicated reading application is available for free in Google Play. That includes Android devices from: Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Amazon (Kindle Fire), Barnes & Noble (Nook), etc.
  • Kindle reader through 3rd party service for Pocket or built-in feature for Readability.
  • Pocket also supports Windows Phone, S60, WebOS and Blackberry through 3rd party application.

If you don't have a Pocket or Readability account, don't worry - you can create one for free.